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Career opportunities in Indian Healthcare Ind...

Jul 05, 2017


No.1 Job Portal in India


Medicosjob is a world class job portal which provides excellent service for medical professionals who are seeking for employment. There are thousands of jobs available, and the job section is regularly updated. Medicosjob is the ultimate choice of medical professionals in India. It covers all the dimensions of the healthcare industry, a wide range of jobs are available in various disciplines. Medicosjob plays a vital role in the Indian health care industry.


Role of Medicosjobin Indian health care industry


The overall Indian health care market is worth about US$ 100 billion and is predicted to grow to US$ 280 billion by 2020. Healthcare delivery, including hospitals, nursing homes and diagnostics centers, and pharmaceuticals, incorporates 65 percent of the general industry and Medicosjob is proudly contributing by providing job portal to the health professionals.


Scope of Indian health care industry


Healthcare industry has become one of India's biggest sectors both concerning sales and employment. Healthcare includes hospitals, medical equipment, clinical trials, advisory, telemedicine, medical tourism, health insurance and medical gear.The Indian health industry keeps growing at a brisk pace and providing investors with loads of chances. Even though there exists a terrific extent for the sector to thrive more, later on, the medical industry remains probably the most neglected GDP. There are lots of elements which have led to this success of this business and also opened the doors of opportunities for small and medium organizations in India. In the past few years and over multiple places the industry is now merged and corporate.


Private and Public Sectors


The Indian health care delivery system is classified into two big components private and public. The Authorities, i.e. public health care program contains restricted tertiary and higher care institutions in the major cities and also concentrates on providing basic healthcare facilities in the kind of primary health care centers in rural locations. Moreover, as far as the private sector is concerned it provides the majority of secondary, tertiary and quaternary care establishments with a significant concentration in metros, tier I and tier II cities.


Affordable Medical Services


The other specialty of Indian health care system is its cost effectiveness. India is very much price affordable in comparison with its peers in Asia and Western nations. The cost of surgery in India is all about one-tenth of this in the United States and Western Europe.


Medical Tourism


The Indian medical tourism business is expected to reach US$ 6 billion by 2018, people across the world are visiting India for medical treatment. India with a greater number of hospitals becoming licensed and receiving recognition and increased awareness of the need to develop their quality to fulfill international standards.


Global opportunities for Indian health professionals


There is also an initiative to provide health cards across member states by offering an interoperable format that would aid a patient to prove entitlement to health care from different national health agencies or to medical insurance schemes in the Member States. There are many opportunities for India to export health services to the European countries and also to collaborate with the European countries. A variety of stakeholders in India's healthcare industry and official representatives from a few European countries have started a collaboration with various pharmaceutical industries.




Job hunting has dramatically changed within the last two decades. The aim of Medicosjob is to provide you jobs which are relevant to medical qualification and skills. Though a number internet sites are available, “medicosjobs” offer completely free service and no doubt it is India’s No.1 job portal website for health professionals. Your career is a single click away find your dream job with Medicosjob.




Jobs are available in the following categories:


  • Doctors (MBBS), Dentists, Physiotherapists, Dieticians, Ayurveda, HomeopathyVeterinary Doctors, etc.


  • Paramedical professionals like nurses, medical equipment technicians, lab technicians, etc.


  • Also, healthcare industry expertise in Operations, Administrative, Business Developments, Sales, Marketing, HR,etc



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